For Eldery


By repairing the damaged neuronal cell connections
(axons and dendrites) and improving the neuronal cell viability,
you can experience the lifting of the mental fog,
returning memory function, and increased mental faculty.


For women in menopause

AmyNex ™-W

It is designed to promote healthy hormone balance
that will assist maintaining the graceful womanhood.


For men and women in 40’s and 50’s

AmyNex ™-II

In addition to promoting the maintenance of memory function,
the 100% natural active ingredients will protect and improve the liver
and kidney function, in particular,
the damage inflicted by tobacco and alcohol consumption.


To promote brain health of everyone in the family

NeuroZyne ™ -A

This specially formulated blend of selected ingredients
will support neuronal cell health while promoting the development of neurons
to their full capacity and repairing the damaged neuronal cell connections.


For students

AmyNex ™-S

Designed to improve the intellectual acuity of your children,
and improve the ability to focus and concentrate,
along with memory function by promoting neuronal cell health.


Promotes Eye Health

Ocu-Xyl ™

The biological efficacy of patents protected
natural constituents in Ocu-Xyl™ has been confirmed
by over 500 scientific publications
from scientists all over the world.


The anti-inflammatory antioxidants

Alpha-Xyl ™

Powerful anti-inflammatory property of the antioxidants
will support the youthful active life style by suppressing
the harmful oxygen free radical-induced aging processes that
include joint problems such as arthritis and
other inflammatory problems.


Managing the inflammatory response of the body

Neurozyne ™-X

Arthritis, prostate inflammation,
and periodontists are examples of inflammations that occur in our body.
This product is designed to suppress the inflammatory response of the body
to harmful oxygen free radicals that cause aging processes.
It will help sustaining the youthfulness of the body.


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