Name: Rodriguez

Age: 45

Occupation: Office Manager

Address: Cicero, IL


Lately I was feeling abrupt mood changes and my family doctor told me it is a part of menopausal symptoms. I was also feeling grumpy at work because I seem to have become forgetful on small things. I was never like that before. One of my friends told me about AmyNex. What it proposed to do intrigued me. I thought to give it a try.


I took AmyNex-W for two months and I felt I am more relaxed at work. After three months of taking AmyNex-W, I realized the constant heavy feeling in the mornings was gone. The workload has not changed but I was accomplishing more. My colleagues tell me I look happier these days. After four months of taking AmyNex-W, it dawned on me one day that I stopped being forgetful on small things. In addition, I stopped also having abrupt mood changes. My family thinks I am taking a wonder drug and they like it. Thank you all who worked hard to create this wonder drug for me.

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