Is it all right to take AmyNex with other medication?

As with any other medication, it is not recommended to take AmyNex with other medication to reduce a possible drug-drug interaction. Many of the active constituents in AmyNex have liver tonic property that boost liver function. It is possible these properties could reduce the efficacy of other medications if taken together.

My folks are currently taking other Alzheimer medication and suffering from gastrointestinal side effect. Is there such side effect from the product?

One of the major draw back of the currently available prescription Alzheimer drugs is the gastrointestinal side effect preis viagra preisvergleich. These medications only temporarily alleviate the symptoms of the disease and do not address the cause of the problem. Most of the patients taking the currently available prescription drugs are forced to take additional medications for gastrointestinal discomforts and forced to stop the medication due to the side effects after a few months.

With AmyNex these problems are eliminated. There are many who have been taking the product for last several years without a report of side effect. There are also others who have been taking two or three capsules at a time over many years without any side effects. Infrequent discomforts from taking AmyNex have been due to the size of the capsule and herbal flavor, in particular, when they burp which is easily resolved with a small amount of food. We recommend taking the product during the meal.

How long will it take to see the improvement?

The time it would take to see the improvement cannot easily be predicted. It can take a few weeks to several months (~ 6 months). A person in 50 years of age cannot expect to recover the memory function to 20’s and 30’s overnight. The reason is because neurons have been deteriorating and dying since approximately twelve years of age; thus cannot easily estimate how many cells have been damaged and dying. Unfortunately, current technology does not allow us to both qualitatively and quantitatively estimate their condition at the cellular level. difference between 25mg 50mg and 100mg viagra

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When is the best time to take NeuroZyne™ – X?

The suggested dosage is to take minimum of one NeuroZyne™ – X capsule in the morning and minimum of one capsule at night depending on the condition. It is suggested to take the product with meal.
The biological efficacy of the active constituents in NeuroZyne™ – X have been extensively researched and demonstrated in over 200 peer-reviewed scientific articles.
The biologically active constituents in NeuroZyne™ – X are anti-oxidants that have also been recognized to modulate the aging process of cells in our body in addition to their anti-inflammatory properties against arthritis and inflammation of prostate.
NeuroZyne™ – X is manufactured using a proprietary technology developed by Global life Laboratory Corporation(GLLC). The formulation and claims on the efficacy of the active consituents are covered in pending patents.

Is it safe to take NeuroZyne™ – X

The effectiveness of the key active ingredients in NeuroZyne™ – X has been documented in prestigious publications like The lancet, British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, and European Urology. They are hundred percent natural and are probably already in your diet in some of the foods you eat. However, if you are taking prescrition medication, or you have other concerns, it is always prundent to consult with your doctor before beginning any new healthy regimen. cheap indian cialis

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Will your prostate affect your sex life?

Because the prostate rests near the sexual reproduction system, an enlarged prostate with sex drive or performance. Keeping your prostate healthy is important for proper sexual health. NeuroZyne™ – X supplies nutrients to help your body support healthy prostate, urinary,bladder and sexual functioning.

What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease?

Research has shown that Alzheimer’s disease patients’ brains contain a large volume of sticky senile plaques. The plaques’ main ingredient is beta-amyloid, a fragment of a normal body protein that goes awry in people with Alzheimer’s disease. beta-amyloid is generated from APP (amyloid precursor protein) through cleaving action of beta and gamma secretase. Some patients produce too much beta-amyloid and others simply do not clear it out of the brain properly. beta-amyloid buildup leads to brain cell death that eventually results in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Thus it is demonstrated that protecting the neuronal cells from beta-amyloid insult could prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

How does AmyNex™ Work?

AmyNex™- works by protecting brain cells from beta-amyloid (ßA) viagra kaufen wo. AmyNex™- is a product specially made from a combination of specific herbs using GLL Corp’s proprietary technology. At in vitro level and primary neuronal cell culture level, the natural ingredients present in AmyNex™- effectively protected neuronal (brain) cells from beta-amyloid insult and showed remarkable regeneration of brain cells from beta-amyloid damage.

In addition, AmyNex™- showed no side-effect or toxicity toward the neuronal (brain) cells.
In fact, it was found the compounds present in AmyNex™- are liver tonic.

These results provide evidence that AmyNex™- is safe to human body based on the fact that AmyNex™- is safe to neuronal (brain) cells which are the most sensitive fragile cells in our body.

The natural compounds present in AmyNex™- have been patent filed for intellectual property protection.

Who should take AmyNex™?

Everyone should take AmyNex™- because no one is immune from getting Alzheimer’s disease. AmyNex™- is also designed to provide means to support the viability of neuronal cells and protect the neuronal cells from agents that cause the onset of AD, thus may reduce the on set of the disease and alleviate the symptoms associated with the disease. AmyNex™-II is different forms of AmyNex™-Ithat is developed for people who has difficulty with Ginkgo biloba principles. Thus, AmyNex™-II does not contain Ginkgo biloba principles as one of its major constituents.
It is evident that Alzheimer’s disease indiscriminately afflicts people. The rigorous experimental results demonstrate the natural compounds in AmyNex™-II may prevent the onset of the disease by protecting neuronal (brain) cells from beta-amyloid insult. As a precautionary measure everyone, who is older than 40 years old who intend to enjoy a healthy mental life, should take AmyNex™-II.