AmyNex™- works by protecting brain cells from beta-amyloid (ßA) viagra kaufen wo. AmyNex™- is a product specially made from a combination of specific herbs using GLL Corp’s proprietary technology. At in vitro level and primary neuronal cell culture level, the natural ingredients present in AmyNex™- effectively protected neuronal (brain) cells from beta-amyloid insult and showed remarkable regeneration of brain cells from beta-amyloid damage.

In addition, AmyNex™- showed no side-effect or toxicity toward the neuronal (brain) cells.
In fact, it was found the compounds present in AmyNex™- are liver tonic.

These results provide evidence that AmyNex™- is safe to human body based on the fact that AmyNex™- is safe to neuronal (brain) cells which are the most sensitive fragile cells in our body.

The natural compounds present in AmyNex™- have been patent filed for intellectual property protection.