Name: Brian T.

Age: 22

Occupation: College Student

Address: Chicago, IL


I am a college student attending University of Illinois. I major in biology and am currently studying for MCAT. I would say I have good enough GPA to apply for a medical school, but as always, it would also depend on how I score on the MCAT.

I heard about this product called AmyNex through my girl friend. Her parents have already been taking AmyNex for some time and spoke well of the product. I reasoned if the ingredients in AmyNex promote brain cell health it also should work for people in all ages. Since I was told that the product has no known side effects, I thought I would give it a try. Especially if it can give me an extra edge on studying for MCAT, I was willing to try anything.


My first month into taking AmyNex, I took my first MCAT. The scores were acceptable but not good enough.

I have been taking AmyNex for five months and am currently studying to retake the MCAT. I am convinced this thing really works. I definitely feel I am focusing better and recalling the information I am putting in my brain. At times I wonder how I would have performed if I started taking this thing since I was freshman in college. I know I will be taking AmyNex straight through medical school and many years to come. By the way I also told my parents about AmyNex and my mother has started taking it. She is already seeing the difference.