Name: Lee

Age: 16

Occupation: High School Student

Address: Chicago, IL


I am a junior in high school. I have terribly hectic schedule as well as studying for SAT. My parents expects a lot from me. They think I should attend one of the IVY League schools on the East Coast like my brother. They always told me I am as smart as my brother or … I should be. But the truth is I was never smarter than my brother. I never could score higher on exams than he except a handful of times in elementary school.

A few months back my Mom suggested that I should take a medication called AmyNex she takes everywhere she goes. My Mom calls it “brain pill” because it is helping her remember things better. I have seen it making definite improvements on my Mom’s memory since she’s been taking them. She says it should help me cope with studying better like it is helping her. I agreed to try.


After a month of try, I found I was less groggy in the morning. I could definitely feel I focus better at school and studying for SAT viagra generika. My school exam scores have been on the rise since then. Now I take the pill everyday. Sometimes, before a major exam, I would take two or three pills at a time. Recently, I took SAT and just received my scores. I was surprised to find I scored higher than my brother did in some sections. I think I can score higher when I take it the second time around. My GPA is not as high as my brother’s but I definitely think I can score higher in SAT. I think I am going to apply to one of IVY League schools like my brother and get in. I wish I had started taking AmyNex with my Mom years ago. I can definitely say this AmyNex really works.