Name: Lee

Age: 67

Occupation: Retired

Address: Anaheim Hills, CA


I am a retired businessman. Since retirement I spend much of my time playing golf with friends. Lately my children and grandchildren have been complaining I do not care about them any more. My grandchildren tell me I love golf more than I love them. Often times I would forget important dates with my children and grandchildren. My excuses have been previous engagement to play golf with friends. The real problem was that lately I have not been able to remember those promises and dates they claim that I made with them. It was not that I did not love them; I just could not remember them. Going to the golf course was a daily routine, so people did not know my problem. Other than being at the golf range, I had problem remembering other things. When I missed my grand daughter’s first birthday because I was at the golf course, I realized my problem was serious. I heard about AmyNex many times from a friend living in Chicago. But I thought I was too young and too active to take it. I thought you had to have Alzheimer’s disease to take AmyNex. When I recognized my problem, I had to do something about it before it got worse. I asked my friend in Chicago to get me some AmyNex.


I took AmyNex-I for three months. My son living in New York told me I sound different on the phone. He told me I sound more youthful. Last family gathering on Thanksgiving, my children and children-in-laws told me something changed about me. They told me I look more relaxed and more youthful. I was indeed feeling good in the mornings, but I never thought of it seriously. Since the last Thanksgiving family dinner I remembered two of my grandchildren’s birthdays that are on early December and did not forget their birthday gifts. Then it occurred to me I was remembering birthdays and important dates. Missing family dinners because I was playing golf was no longer an excuse. I remembered everyone’ Christmas gifts. Last Christmas family gathering was the best I had. Since then I have not missed any dates, lunch and dinners and other occasions with my children because I remembered them. I believe AmyNex is working wonders for me. Now my grandchildren tell me I am their best grandfather ever. I continue taking AmyNex-I and my wife began taking AmyNex-W for woman. Thank you AmyNex!