Name: Kim

Age: 75

Occupation: Retired Pastor

Address: Garden Grove, CA


I am a retired church pastor. Reading and writing to prepare for sermons and bible studies has kept me busy even after retirement. As we age, I say ‘we’ because I believe I speak for many retired church pastors, one unnerving change we face is aging related gradual memory loss. Taking notes while reading a book is a habit learned from preparing sermons for so many years. The problem was that I would forget what I read as I close the book. This symptom unfortunately is true not only for me but also for many of my retired pastor friends. When I look at the notes I took, I notice I must have read the book since it is in my own handwriting. But, I could not clearly remember if I really read the book. One funny thing was that I had no problem of remembering books I read when I was younger. Discussing these conditions even among friends is embarrassing and we just do not talk about it. All of us just accept the condition as an aging process and just prepare ourselves for the life in heaven God has promised. However, Alzheimer’s disease is feared by pastors even though no one would openly admit it. Among retired church pastors, Alzheimer’s disease is considered something we pray God to spare us from because it is not only painful to watch someone suffer from it, it also robs the person of his dignity and respect, regardless of the person’s good deeds, faith, fame, power, fortune, including spiritual legacy. Many of us take Ginkgo products and Vitamin-E because doctors tell us they may help in preventing the disease. The problem is that most of us already know these do not work, but we continue taking them because there is nothing else out there. One day I was introduced to AmyNex-I through a friend. I decided to try it out. I figured if AmyNex would help me at least sustain my memories, it has done more than it’s job.


I took AmyNex-I for three months. My children told me I look and sound younger with more energy, and there is something different about me. The initial improvement was feeling lighter and brighter in the mornings. The foggy heavy feelings in the mornings were somehow gone. Sometime after taking AmyNex for six months, while I was driving to a meeting, I recognized myself remembering contents of a book I read a couple of weeks ago. It was something I was not at all able to do for years. I was remembering even without looking at my notebooks. It was the most exciting feeling I felt in years. It made me feel ten years younger. Since then I can sense more memories coming back. Praise God for what He has done for me through AmyNex. I thought recovering from aging related memory loss was not in His plan. By the way, my wife has also been taking AmyNex and I can see her memories making improvements. Our children tell us we sound over the phone many years younger and vitalized. Our lives have become more confident and relaxing in these days.