Name: Park

Age: 71

Occupation: Retired

Address: Orange County, CA


I used to be in import-export business until retirement. I have three children one boy and two girls, all married, and have seven grandchildren. Last several years, my memory has not been what it used to be. I would forget doctor’s appointments, appointments with friends, appointments for family gatherings, names of people I used to know for years. Some times I would leave home to run errands to come home without realizing I have not completed what I set out to do. My grandchildren thought I do not love them because I would miss their birthday parties. This hurt me. The fact of the matter was that I just could not remember the promises I made to them. To me, these memory laps were more than just aging process. I was losing my family. I have many older friends that enjoy better memories than me. I have been taking Ginkgo products and Vitamin-E because doctors told me they would keep my brain to function better. Well, looking at me, they were not working. One day I was introduced to AmyNex-I through a friend I play golf with. He told me this thing really works. I thought I would give it a try.


I took AmyNex-I for three months. My children told me I look and sound better somehow. They told me something is different about me. Unfortunately, I could not tell any change or difference about me other than feeling much fresher getting up in the mornings. I stopped taking AmyNex for two months, thinking nothing more. Then one day, the fresh feeling getting up in the morning disappeared and felt heavy in the mornings. My children told me something is happening to me and asked me if I am feeling sick or something. They told me my memory seemed to be getting better last few months but now it somehow is getting worse. Then I realized only change I made was stop taking AmyNex because I could not feel any drastic memory improvements. When I discussed this with my friend who introduced me to AmyNex, he told me the memory improvement is a gradual process because brain cells can not be rejuvenated overnight. He told me any improvements are expected to take time. I started taking AmyNex again, this time in double dose. I wanted to regain my memory as quickly as possible. After retaking AmyNex-I for two months, the fresh feeling in the mornings returned. After retaking AmyNex for three months my children told me I look somehow regained my youth, and I am not as forgetful as before viagra packung. After retaking AmyNex for five months, I don’t think I missed any promises I made to my grandchildren last couple of months. My grandchildren say good grandfather is back, and I enjoy the sound of it. By the way, my wife has also started to take AmyNex-W.