Name: Anderson

Age: 55

Occupation: Business Consultant

Address: Evanston, IL


My father passed away from a complication from Alzheimer’s disease seven years ago. My father was a high school teacher all his life and well respected individual in his hometown in Michigan. Driving hours to Michigan to see him was a dread because everything we tried to do for him was pointless. Doctors’ prescribed drugs were not working. Ginkgo products and Vitamin-E doctors told us that may help slowing down his disease did not work viagra zum kaufen. Alzheimer’s disease robbed every ounce of dignity from my father. I dread the fact that the disease is hereditary. Lately I started noticing my frequent memory loss. I would sometimes forget important messages or appointments even if I have taken notes and recorded in my daily appointment book. Sometimes I would forget them just long enough to cause me serious consequences. Such mistake is intolerable in my line of business. It was eating up my job confidence. Losing memory may be a part of aging process, but remembering my father, it was causing me great dread. I was not about to lose what I worked all my life to build. I was introduced to AmyNex-I through a client. I decided to try it out. I figured, if this thing would help me sustain my memories, it has done more than I could ask for.


I took AmyNex-I for three months, and my wife told me there is something that makes my appearance very positive. The initial improvement I could feel about myself was feeling good in the mornings and the usual morning headaches that used to bother me had somehow dissapeared. Sometime after taking AmyNex for four months, I realized I completely stopped forgetting important messages or appointments. I would only look at my appointment book to confirm what I already remember, just to make sure. My job confidence is almost back to normal. My colleagues tell me the tiger is back, and I feel good about it.