Name: Cain

Age: 51

Occupation: Sales Manager

Address: Deerfield, IL


My father passed away from Alzheimer’s disease ten years ago. Because I heard the disease is hereditary, I am always on alert to medications or supplements that people says will protect brain or enhance memories. I have been taking Ginkgo biloba products and vitamin-E since I was in early forties. Lately I was having some difficulty memorizing details of my new projects and was thinking the Ginkgo supplements and vitamin-E may not be working for me at all. One day my eye doctor introduced to me a new product called AmyNex. I was told it contains all natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to protect brain cells from the bad things that cause Alzheimer’s disease. Remembering how my father suffered from the disease and at the time there was not anything available that remotely resembled anything like AmyNex, I thought I would give it a try.


I took AmyNex-I for two months and found I was having less frequent headaches from all the job-related stress. I did not think of it at all at the time. When I was into four months of taking AmyNex-I, it occurred to me that I was having easier time memorizing details of new projects. I was definitely catching on new stuff faster than before. It was something I did not experience while I was taking Ginkgo products and vitamin-E. Comparing how I was when I was taking Ginkgo products and vitamin-E stuff and how I am now with AmyNex, I can definitely say this AmyNex stuff really works. I can definitely say my performance is better than five, six months ago. The point is I am five, six months older in age but my memory is getting younger. I wish AmyNex were available ten years ago when my father was around.