Name: Jason L. K.

Age: 15

Occupation: High School Student

Address: Chicago, IL


(This is based on conversation in the presence of one of his parents.)

The father owns a business and the mother is a housewife with three children. Jason is the oldest son.

Jason attends one of high schools in Chicago area. In addition to school works, he attends SAT tutoring, art class, and Korean Language class on weekends. His extracurricular activities include violin, Tae Kwan Do, and golf lessons that follow a strict weekly cycle.

The mother heard about efficacy of AmyNex through one of her friends whose child also takes AmyNex and has seen the benefits.

Jason is almost always tired and has problem producing results of his parents’ desire. The parents want him to be a medical doctor. The parents do not want to lighten Jason’s workload because all of their friends in Korea put their children under more rigorous workload and they do well. The parents want Jason to attend prestigious university such as Harvard, MIT, or Yale etc. The parents believe Jason has to do better on all his extracurricular activities without costing his GPA score and getting a high SAT score in order to be accepted by the one of those universities.


Jason was on AmyNex-I for seven months as of this date. He remarkably no longer complains of fatigue and compliments his ability to focus on his work. His GPA went up from B+ to A, in particular he excels in science, without lessening his workload. His mock PSAT score showed sharp increase in third months into taking AmyNex-I. Jason is confident he will score high on real PSAT and also SAT. The parents are excited about the results and started to give AmyNex to their other children who are 10 and 13 years old. The parents are also taking AmyNex.