Everyone should take AmyNex™- because no one is immune from getting Alzheimer’s disease. AmyNex™- is also designed to provide means to support the viability of neuronal cells and protect the neuronal cells from agents that cause the onset of AD, thus may reduce the on set of the disease and alleviate the symptoms associated with the disease. AmyNex™-II is different forms of AmyNex™-Ithat is developed for people who has difficulty with Ginkgo biloba principles. Thus, AmyNex™-II does not contain Ginkgo biloba principles as one of its major constituents.
It is evident that Alzheimer’s disease indiscriminately afflicts people. The rigorous experimental results demonstrate the natural compounds in AmyNex™-II may prevent the onset of the disease by protecting neuronal (brain) cells from beta-amyloid insult. As a precautionary measure everyone, who is older than 40 years old who intend to enjoy a healthy mental life, should take AmyNex™-II.