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The leading supplier of the products for Core Life Source Inc., Global Life Laboratory Corp. (GLLC), is a leading alternative medicine/nutraceutical producer in the U.S. The leading scientist, the founder and a Board Member of GLLC, Darrick S. Kim, Ph.D., is a holder of over eleven approved patents and several pending patents on the discovery of anticancer agents and anti-beta-amyloid agents from the natural resources. His accomplishments have been published in numerous scientific journals and featured in newspaper articles. Dr. Darrick S. Kim holds several patents on the discovery of biologically active constituents from the natural resources that vitalize neuronal cells and protect these cells from beta-amyloid insult. He is the discoverer and the patent holder of curcuminoids found in turmeric, in addition to dozens more natural compounds from ginger, ginkgo, sage, rosemary and others…, for potential prevention and treatment against beta-amyloid induced diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Do you remember the dreams and plans you had when you were graduating high school and college (we want to coin the term “dream of our youth”)? How many of us have achieved the dreams, we wonder. Now, we are older and have much experience in life, how we long to achieve the dream if we can get a second chance in life to achieve the dream of our youth?

The goal of Core Life Source, Inc. is to provide our clients a potential pathway to achieving their dream of our youth through natural means. It is well recognized that when well-being of brain function is achieved, the well-being of life will follow; through which, youthful vigor of life is achieved ? a possible pathway to anti-aging process. Each one of us has the choice to achieving the well-being of life and the dream of our youth. This is our lot. No one else has claim on this. We hope you would join us in our quest. Do it for Your Life. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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